A minimal print for girl bosses

Dual function : Inspire your days and decor your spaces

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We are all always looking for some motivation and inspiration to achieve our results or just to make sure that our to-do list of the day will be completed.

How good do you feel when you can check all of your points and arrive at the end of the day satisfied for your results? When it’s evening and you just can chill on the sofa happy that you have done everything you had or wanted during the last hours?

Considering the trend of minimal spaces and home decor ideas and the necessety of an inspiring print for all of us I’ve made this empowering print for all of your girl bosses out there!

This print is in black and white, perfect for all the places and you can put it next to your pc on your office desk, or on your wall just to look at it when you raise your head from the screen or on your floor as a design piece and even more as a gift idea.

This print will have the dual power to inspire your days and decor your home. What’s better? Oh yes, also the price is really low!

You can shop this Girl Boss Illustration now from our Etsy store The Glam Studio Shop

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