The latest Amazon device that will tell us what to wear | Will you let it do this?

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Fashion and technology are everyday getting closer and closer.

Smartwatches, drones during the fashion shows, dresses full of led lights, virtual reality that allows you to be in the first row of a fashion show, live streaming or just Instagram. These are just few examples of how these two different worlds have lots of points in common.

Of course technology is part of our lives today, can you leave the house without your iPhone? I don’t (please comment below and don’t make me feel like a monster, you don’t too right?) . And of course we cannot live without fashion. Even if you’re not a fashion addicted, the fashion industry is part of your daily life, even the most simple white t-shirt that you’re wearing is part of this big industry and, like the iPhone, you cannot of course live without clothes.

So do you agree with me that these two business are more similar than what we may think?

Now let’s talk about what a giant business has just launched : the Amazon Echo look.

It’s not a news that Amazon is entering into the fashion industry and would like to become the leader of the online fashion retailers. It’s now competing with the big names like Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter and others and this week has launched this new product that will suggest you what to wear.

Let’s watch this video in order to understand better what we are talking about, then below we will comment it, will you really let it says you what to wear?

Personally I really like the device, it’s cool and I love that it can take photos of your daily look, I think that if you’re a fashion blogger who shares your everyday outfits this can help you sharing what you’re wearing, it will be easier and you won’t need a person who will take your photos. But if you’re not sharing your clothes everyday on Instagram will you ever use it just to see if you’re wearing the right look?

I think that what we wear everyday is a decision that come from a combination of things: what we have in our wardrobe (of course) and our daily humor and feelings. We wear the skirts that we bought the day before (yes, I usually wear the day after what I’ve just bought), heels if we feel confident that day or a jeans and a white t-shirt if we just feel more casual, a total black look if we don’t know what to wear or a sweater when we have our period and we don’t want to talk to anyone.

Basically I think that of course we are influenced by the trends, because when we buy new items they have been selected from the fashion industry experts who design clothes based on the latest trends, but we mix them with our personality and our daily feelings.

That’s why I don’t think that I’ll let the Echo Look judge my clothes and I would not follow it tips about my looks. I mean if a day I’m wearing a pink shirt and a jeans is because is something that I like and that I feel from the inside that day, the following morning I’d probably (for sure) wearing something completely different.

To conclude:

I would buy it because it’s a cool device that will take photos of your looks, so it can be useful to share my everyday look, but I won’t use it as a stylist.

What do you think about  the Echo Look? Leave me your comments below

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